Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools provides a high-quality education for students in grades E-12. Our district is known for its E-STEM curriculum, which stands for Environmental Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


Schoology is a learning management system. This online service provides a means for teachers and students to interact regarding classes and other activities in PLSAS.


  • Allows teachers to post assignments, tests/quizzes, and calendars that are accessible to students from any computer, iPad, or phone with an Internet connection.
  • Allows students to complete work digitally and submit it to their teachers online.
  • Allows teachers to provide feedback online, and at times gives immediate performance feedback to students.
  • Provides performance data to teachers to allow them to plan instruction to meet student needs.
  • Allows teacher-student and student-student communication regarding course materials.
  • Gives calendar updates to students for all courses in one place.
  • Stores course information and documents for easy access throughout an entire term.
  • Gives parents access to course information for their students in their own account.

For more information or support in using Schoology, please use the links in the Schoology Resources box or contact

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