Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools provides a high-quality education for students in grades E-12. Our district is known for its E-STEM curriculum, which stands for Environmental Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Bullying Prevention

Hidden Oaks Middle School wants to ensure that all students have a safe and successful middle school experience. We encourage students/families to report bullying of any kind to the student services office by filling out the form below or talking to a staff member.

Hidden Oaks Confidential Reporting System

Staff in the Student Services department also offers the following support to assist with this goal:


Second Step is a universal prevention program designed to decrease aggression, bullying and substance abuse and increase students' social skills and school success. Second Step is offered every Tuesday in primetime and is a weekly powerpoint highlighting the following 5 themes:

  • Empathy and communication
  • Bully prevention
  • Emotion management and coping with stress
  • Problem solving, decision making and goal setting
  • Substance abuse prevention
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