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La ola del lago

¬°Bienvenidos! Welcome! La ola del lago offers a full day of core curriculum in Spanish to students in kindergarten, first grade and second grade.

Language immersion education is the most effective type of language acquisition instruction. The goal of language immersion is for students to become proficient in the target language and increase cultural and global awareness.

The immersion classroom is similar to a traditional Kindergarten and first grade curriculum, except all classroom instruction is in the Spanish language. In the classroom, the teacher speaks the Spanish language the entire time using expressive tones, exaggerated gestures, facial expressions, and many visual aids. To draw students into using the language, teachers often use songs, useful phrases, chants, and rhymes and carefully structure the day with familiar routines.

Want more information? Check out the FAQs or contact Richie Kucinski, Edgewood's Early Learning & Spanish Immersion Coordinator, at 952-226-0903.

Immersion Education

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