Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools provides a high-quality education for students in grades E-12. Our district is known for its E-STEM curriculum, which stands for Environmental Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

SAGE Academy

The SAGE Academy at WestWood Elementary offers a truly exceptional education to Gifted students. Our full-time program is designed to challenge, support and inspire learners.

The Academy is a school-within-a school available to students who qualify in grades 3, 4 and 5. Our teachers are well-versed in differentiation and curriculum modification for high-ability learners.

The SAGE Academy is part of the Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools and welcomes students from within the district and outside its boundaries. As part of the public school system, there is no tuition cost to parents.

Our vision is to educate highly qualified learners in an exemplary, full-time elementary program to:

  • Deliver rigorous, developmentally appropriate curriculum utilizing differentiation, compacting and deeper investigation;
  • Emphasize critical and abstract thinking and logical reasoning skills;
  • Provide an environment that celebrates curiosity, self-direction and a love of learning;
  • Advocate for student needs in all areas of social, emotional and effective development.

What Makes Us Unique

SAGE offers full-time programming to gifted students in grades 3-5, in a school-within-a-school setting. As part of the public school system, there is no tuition cost to parents.

Located inside WestWood Elementary, SAGE students experience accelerated core curriculum during the school day, as well as physical education, art and music classes with students from their respective grade level. Students also participate in buddy classroom activities and field trips with their WestWood peers.

Classroom groupings are determined by our enrollment, with students instructed primarily in grade level groups with some departmentalization of subjects. This allows our staff to teach in an area of expertise while providing consistent curriculum, experiences, rigor and expectations.

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