Our mission is to educate all learners to reach their full potential as contributing and productive members of our ever-changing global community.

Continuous Improvement

Our mission is to educate all learners to reach their full potential as contributing and productive members of our ever-changing global community.

In order to work toward our mission, we have developed a System of Continuous Improvement through a shared leadership model where multiple perspectives, talents and ideas come together to build a strong identity of who we are and what we will accomplish as a school district for the success of all students. In this way, we are all working toward the same shared goals and using our time and resources efficiently.

2018 Survey Return Rates




1,741 responses (21%)

Elementary Students (grades 3-5)

652 responses (34%)

Secondary Students (grades 6-12)

3,283 responses (69%)

Certified Staff (employees requiring a license through the MN Department of Education, ie. teachers, principals, superintendent )

390 responses (67%)

Educational Support Staff (all other employees not requiring a certified license, ie. cooks, custodians, secretaries)

185 responses (37%)



  • 91% of parents indicated that their child likes to go to school.
  • 92% of parents feel that their child is receiving quality instruction.
  • 87% of parents indicated that the district is achieving its mission for their child.


  • 98% of elementary students and 92% of secondary students think the adults/teachers in their school believe they can learn and be successful.
  • 95% of elementary students and 84% of secondary students feel cared for or connected to at least one adult in their school.
  • 98% of elementary students and 80% of secondary students indicated that their teachers know how to teach so that they can learn.
  • 96% of elementary students and 82% of secondary students believe the adults are carrying out the district’s mission in their schools.


  • 95% of Certified Staff and 92% of Educational Support Staff have a high functioning collaborative working relationship with their colleagues.
  • 93% of Certified Staff and 93% of Educational Support Staff feel they work in an environment that supports innovative ideas and practices.
  • 98% of Certified Staff and 96% of Educational Support Staff are proud to be associated with PLSAS and its brand.

Measuring Progress on our Mission

Stakeholder feedback from students, parents, and staff is a critical part of our continuous improvement efforts. Responses on stakeholder surveys will help identify strengths and set goals for areas in need of improvement at both the district and individual school level. Specifically, the surveys will serve the following purposes:

  1. Collect feedback from parents, staff, and students on their experiences at PLSAS regarding the following themes:
    • physical school/workplace environment
    • school/workplace culture
    • student teaching and learning experiences and staff learning and supports
    • school-wide and district-wide leadership
  2. Provide leaders, teachers, and staff with school-level and district-level student perception data for reflection on classroom instruction, student engagement strategies, and professional development needs.
  3. Provide leaders with student, parent and staff feedback to learn about strengths and opportunities for school and district improvement.
  4. Meet state requirements for Principal Development and Evaluation

We greatly appreciate the time parents, students, and staff spent providing feedback to fuel our continuous improvement efforts as individual buildings and as a district.