Our mission is to educate all learners to reach their full potential as contributing and productive members of our ever-changing global community.

2017 Survey Results

Survey Return Rates

Stakeholder Group

Survey Return Rate



Elementary Students (grades 3-5)


Secondary Students (grades 6-12)


Certified Staff (employees requiring a license through the MN Department of Education, ie. teachers, principals, superintendent )


Educational Support Staff (all other employees not requiring a certified license, ie. cooks, custodians, secretaries)



Parent Survey

  • 91% of parents indicated that their child likes to go to school.
  • 88% of parents indicated that the district is achieving its mission for their child.
  • 91% of parents feel that their child is receiving quality instruction.

Student Surveys

  • 97% of elementary students and 93% of secondary students think the adults/teachers in their school believe they can learn and be successful.
  • 93% of elementary students and 62% of secondary students enjoy attending school.
  • 92% of elementary students and 83% of secondary students feel that their culture is respected at their school.

Staff Surveys

  • 92% of Certified Staff and 90% of Educational Support Staff have a high functioning collaborative working relationship with their colleagues.
  • 92% of Certified Staff and 92% of Educational Support Staff feel they work in an environment that supports innovative ideas and practices.
  • 99% of Staff are proud to be associated with PLSAS and its brand.