Our mission is to educate all learners to reach their full potential as contributing and productive members of our ever-changing global community.


All K-5 elementary schools offer strong curriculum that integrates technology and is adapted to the individual learning needs of students.

Students receive instruction in language arts, math, social studies, science, art, music, media and health/physical education.

In 2012, the school board approved a proposal making all of our K-5 elementary schools the first district-wide E-STEM schools in the state of Minnesota. E-STEM stands for Environmental Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Available to all K-5 students, E-STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to instruction and learning focused on inquiry and real-world problem solving in the 21st Century, applying hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematical practices with projects and field experiences related to the environment.

Our district is also home to La ola del lago Spanish Immersion program with grades K-3, which is housed at Edgewood School. Immersion will be a long-term, sustainable program for grades K-5.

The immersion classroom is similar to a traditional one, except all classroom instruction is in the Spanish language. In the classroom, the teacher speaks the Spanish language the entire time using expressive tones, exaggerated gestures, facial expressions, and many visual aids. To draw students into using the language, teachers often use songs, useful phrases, chants, and rhymes and carefully structure the day with familiar routines. For more information, visit Spanish Immersion.