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Bus Stops

The maximum walking distance to a bus stop for students in grades K-5 is one mile and grades 6-12 is one and half (1 1/2) miles. To help make the bus stop as safe as possible, we do recommend that a parent wait with younger students at the bus stop.

Bus Routes

Bus routes are planned and established annually by the Director of Operations working with the Prior Lake School Bus Association. The routes are planned with emphasis on safety, reasonable lengths and adequate time to accommodate arrival at the student's school in time for daily program. The planning process also takes into consideration efficiency and cost effectiveness of running the transportation program. Routes may be different for public, private, elementary, secondary and kindergarten students. The routes may also be changed from year to year, and even within the school year when changes in location of children to be picked up occur or modifications in school programs require a change to meet deadlines.


If your child will get picked up or dropped off at an address other than your home address, please fill out the Alternative Bus Stop Request Form. The school district policy does not allow a student to be transported from or delivered to any address other than the child's home address unless this form is on file in the transportation office. Alternate bus stops must be on existing routes, within the same attendance boundary as the school your child attends and the stop must be the same five days a week. The deadline for these forms is July 15. This allows us time to establish bus routes before the start of school in the fall. We may not be able to fulfill your transportation need in the time frame you would like if this form is returned after July 15. We keep supplies of these forms in each of the schools or you may get one by calling our office. Daycare providers can get supplies of the form by calling our office. If there is a change in your daycare during the school year a new form must be provided. Please allow 48 hours to make the necessary arrangements for an alternate bus stop. We require a new form be filled out prior to the start of each new school year.

Bus Loading

It is essential that your child be ready on time to meet the school bus. Since individual clocks may vary, he/she should be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled pickup time. We use WCCO time. The bus driver cannot wait for late arrivals. In addition, students should not arrive at the bus stop earlier than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time. The more waiting time, the more potential there is for unsafe or unacceptable behavior.

Make a notation of the name of your child's school, teacher's name, school bus route number, and the pickup/drop off location. Also note the school telephone number and that of Bus Dispatch (952-440-1166) and Transportation Department (952-226-0050).

Have your child wait at the bus stop at least four feet back from the curb. Explain to your child that he/she should wait for the bus to come to a complete stop, and for the driver to open the door, before approaching the bus.

Bus Riding

Parents of kindergarten children should discuss the safety rules of bus riding with their child. Please review the policies above and Bus Safety. It is important that your child recognize and understand their responsibility for acceptable behavior, and have respect for others and their property. No animals, large musical instruments, school projects or sports equipment are allowed on the bus.

Occasionally, a child may experience problems while riding the school bus. When instances of unacceptable behavior occur, the parent should work with the your child's school principal to correct the misbehavior. Remember, the main concern is the safety of all riders. Infractions of the bus rules can result in a child having a Bus Conduct Report written by the bus driver or the Operations Manager, which can result in the child being excluded from the bus. YOUR CHILD'S RIDE ON THE BUS IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT!

Returning Home

On the return trip home, parents should anticipate the arrival of the school bus and be alert for any changes in normal routine. Your child should be instructed to come directly home and report to you before he/she goes out to play.

Occasionally, unscheduled early dismissal occurs due to weather or building emergencies. It is also possible that an emergency may delay your arrival time to meet your child. Be sure that arrangements have been made in advance for a safe place for your child to go if he/she returns home and no one is there. Be sure your child knows what to do and where to go.