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Unfortunately, our Technology Levy request was not approved by voters, with 49.3% voting yes and 50.7%. on the November 2, 2021 ballot (3,496 yes votes, 3,602 no votes). Read the full press release here. 

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What is the ballot request?

The request is for a 10-year levy of $3.5 million per year. Technology levy funding would help the district maintain and enhance technology for:

  • Up-to-date devices for all students and staff
  • Instructional software and online resources
  • Classroom equipment
  • Student and family communication
  • School safety and security systems
  • Crisis management
  • Staff for technology training, troubleshooting and repairs
  • Network infrastructure and operational software

Tech Levy Overview


What if the request is approved by voters?

If voters approve the Technology levy request it would enable us to:

  • Provide equitable access to instructional technology for all students and staff
  • Provide flexibility and adaptability for emerging technologies to make learning more Personalized, Purposeful and Empowered for E-12 students
  • Maintain and improve building safety and security 
  • Keep critical infrastructure systems running safely and efficiently
  • Provide additional technology support staff to help students and staff with digital device troubleshooting, repairs and provide staff training in using new technologies

What if the request is not approved by voters?

Without this funding, the costs of technology equipment and staff would continue to put pressure on the general operating budget, competing for dollars required for other classroom and school needs. We would be unable to keep up with technology updates for students, staff, classrooms and schools. The resulting cuts would impact our ability to provide personalized learning experiences and meet the commitments in our Strategic Plan.

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Why now?

The School Board’s decision to place the technology levy on the ballot is the culmination of a year of discussion, planning and listening to district staff, students and community. 

area districts tech levy comparison chart

We are one of the only neighboring and comparable districts without a voter-approved Technology Levy.

  • Technology is currently paid for from our general operating budget, so a dedicated source of technology funding would free up money for other student and classroom needs. 
  • While we are grateful for any additional state funding, for nearly two decades state funding has not kept pace with inflation or increasing educational costs. 
  • Critical state-mandated programs to support student needs cost the district millions more than it receives each year, putting additional pressure on the district’s general operating budget. 
  • We have made $5 million in budget adjustments in the past two school years, and anticipate another $2 million in adjustments in the year ahead.  
  • One-time COVID relief funds are specifically designated for COVID-related expenses and do not solve our long-term technology needs.