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School Safety

Security and emergency preparedness is vital to the safety and well-being of our students, staff and visitors. PLSAS has a comprehensive Crisis Management Plan that incorporates all four phases of Crisis Management: Prevention/Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

PLSAS’ plan was designed with the help of local law enforcement, emergency management, and public health officials, along with guidance provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The district is committed to continually reevaluating its school safety procedures and protocols.

11 Annual Drills

All schools in Minnesota are required to have five lockdown drills, five fire drills and one tornado drill each year by state law. The drills help students better understand their environments and give them confidence to respond in an emergency situation. The drills also help staff review their plans and provide them an opportunity to report any issues.


In the event of an emergency, we ask for parent/guardian cooperation in the following procedures:

  • Please do not telephone the school. Telephone lines must be kept available for emergency communication.
  • Please do not come to the school unless requested to pick up your child.
  • You can expect the school district to respond and inform you via: email, website, phone, including text and voicemails, and social media.

School Safety & Security presentation to the School Board, May 7, 2018

Law Enforcement Partnerships

PLSAS enjoys a strong working relationship with Prior Lake and Savage police and fire departments, and Scott County Emergency Management. The district has two School Resource Officers: one at the middle schools and one at Prior Lake High School. Police officers also have strong relationships with our elementary schools.

Reporting Systems

Our middle schools and high schools offer a safe, confidential way for students to report bullying or help someone facing mental health issues. If the issue does not require immediate action, the report can be made anonymously through our confidential reporting system (PLHS, Hidden Oaks Middle School, Twin Oaks Middle School)

Tip Line: (952) 226-0005
PLSAS also offers a Tip Line for students, parents or anyone in the community to report weapons, threats of violence or any activity that could potentially endanger students, staff or property. The confidential Tip Line phone number is (952) 226-0005.

School Safety Structure

PLSAS’ district and school safety structures consist of the following teams that review, revise and practice crisis preparedness, response and threat assessment procedures:

  • District Crisis Response Team
  • Community Crisis Response Team
  • District Recovery Team
  • Building Crisis Response Team
  • Medical Emergency Response Team
  • Building Recovery Team

Secure Front Entrances

Those who wish to visit a building during the school day are currently only granted access through one door to the main office, or check-in desk, where they are greeted by a staff member who will make sure they know their business with the school and properly sign in using our visitor management system. This system allows us to track visitors in our buildings and enhance our existing school safety plans.

During the school day, visitors are asked to present a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, which is scanned into the system. The system will then conduct an on-the-spot background check against the national sex-offender database. Once entry is approved, a sticker badge with photo ID will be issued. When leaving the building, visitors turn in their badge at the main office or check-in desk.

Standard Reunification Method

Should an emergency situation arise in our community or one of our buildings while school is in session, we want you to be aware that our district has made preparations to respond effectively and appropriately.

Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools has a detailed, all-hazards emergency plan that has been formulated to provide direction to its staff and students during an emergency. This Reunification process was planned with the help of local law enforcement and is designed to ensure parents and students are safely reunited during an emergency.

Prior to reuniting families with their student, it is important for parents to remember the following:

  • Stay Home - Going to the school could interfere with emergency responders' ability to respond to the crisis.
  • Stay Informed - Reunification will occur at a different location than the school a student attends. Do not call or text. The district will keep parents informed.
  • Be Ready - Parents will be instructed to bring a photo ID and come to a Reunification check-in location to be reunited with their child.

For more details, please view our Reunification video and the following flyer:

English, Spanish, Somali

Surveillance Cameras

District and school officials have access to surveillance cameras located throughout the district that can be seen live anywhere, at any time in case of an emergency.