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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement is a program created by the College Board which offers college-level curricula to high school students. Students in AP courses may elect to take the AP exams offered in the spring. Based on student exam scores, colleges and universities may grant placement and/or course credit to students. More information can be found in College Board’s 2017-18 AP Bulletin for Students and Parents.

Why take AP exams?

Each year Prior Lake High School administers over 1,000 exams to PLHS students (grades 9-12) who are enrolled in one or more AP courses. Students are not required to take the exam, although doing so may result in future college credit or help to determine appropriate placement in future college courses. Students can research how different colleges will accept AP exam scores by using College Board’s AP Credit Policy Search.

PLHS students may choose to take an Advanced Placement exam without being enrolled in an AP course. If your student has an interest in taking an AP exam for a course not currently offered at the high school. Please contact Lisa Hager at lhager@priorlake-savage.k12.mn.us

College Board offers online practice exams at no cost to the student to help students prepare for future AP exams.

How do I access my AP scores?

College Board requires student create a login in order to access their AP scores. Students will also need Prior Lake High School’s school code, which is 242035. Once students have a login, they may view and send their scores to colleges of their choosing using College Board’s score reporting service.

Students may also retrieve their AP scores by calling College Board at 1-888-308-0013. Students should have their AP number handy, which is available on their Student Pack from last year’s exam. Students will also need to reference Prior Lake High School’s school code (242035).