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Gifted & Talented

Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools' Gifted and Talented Programs & Services serve gifted, talented and creative children in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Gifted, talented and creative children have the potential to perform at remarkably high levels for their age, experience, or environment. The Gifted and Talented Programs & Services help these students thrive by offering challenging and supportive educational experiences and services. Together, these programs and services nurture the academic, creative, artistic, leadership abilities, and social/emotional needs of gifted, talented and creative children.


The district gifted/talented program, called Synergy, serves gifted and talented students in Prior Lake- Savage Area Schools. In grades K-2, students are not formally identified as gifted and talented. However, second grade students with high MAP test scores will have an opportunity to be nominated by their classroom teacher to participate in short-duration talent enrichment class (TEC) in reading and/or math taught by Synergy staff.

In grades 3-12, students are formally identified as gifted/talented using nationally recognized aptitude and achievements tests. These students are usually clustered together in a grade-level classroom at the elementary schools and provided pull-out opportunities to engage in Synergy program activities led by the Synergy staff.