Our mission is to educate all learners to reach their full potential as contributing and productive members of our ever-changing global community.

Innovative Programs


At Bridges Area Learning Center, our goal is to reach all learners— especially those who struggle in a traditional school setting. Our alternative high school program offers personalized instruction with staff who have a flexible approach to teaching. 


In alignment with our district mission to prepare learners to reach their full potential in an ever-changing world, we believe that 21st century skills are essential outcomes of our students' education. Technology can help students become skillful collaborators, communicators, creators and critical thinkers. Our goal is to utilize technology to increase engagement and opportunities to learn anytime, anywhere. Click here to learn more.


Students at PLSAS are learning the language of the future— a language that powers software, websites and mobile applications—and they start in kindergarten. Starting fall 2017, all students in grades K-5 are learning fundamental computer science concepts and skills as a part of their media classes using both hands-on and digital resources. Teachers and other district leaders are also developing courses for secondary students so they can continue to build off the skills they learn in elementary school. Students begin learning how to code through games and activities that teach them how to solve a problem by using a series of commands, like a computer would. This places students on the right train of thought for coding and debugging in the future; it even improves their problem-solving and collaboration skills.


E-STEM (Environmental Education - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is an interdisciplinary approach to instruction and learning focused on inquiry and real world problem-solving in the 21st Century, applying hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematical practices with projects and field experiences related to the environment.


Prior Lake High School and Bridges students have the opportunity to use state-of-the art equipment and technology in our small-scale Fabrication Laboratory, or Fab Lab. In the lab, students can make almost anything, from decals to phone cases. Click here to learn more.


The Gifted and Talented Programs & Services help these students thrive by offering challenging and supportive educational experiences and services. Together, these programs and services nurture the academic, creative, artistic, leadership abilities, and social/emotional needs of gifted, talented and creative children. Our programs include SAGE Academy and Synergy.


La ola del lago classrooms are similar to traditional elementary curriculum, except all classroom instruction is in the Spanish language. In the classroom, the teacher speaks Spanish the entire time using expressive tones, exaggerated gestures, facial expressions and many visual aids. To draw students into using the language, teachers often use songs, useful phrases and rhymes and carefully structure the day with familiar routines. 

As a language immersion school, our goal is for students to become proficient in speaking Spanish while increasing their cultural and global awareness.


The Minnesota Center for Advanced Professional Studies (MNCAPS) is a partnership of education, industry and community, immersing all students in profession-based learning experiences.