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Advisory Committee

The purpose of District Curriculum Advisory Committee (DCAC) is to advise the district on matters pertaining to curriculum.

Members of the committee are appointed in the fall of each school year. The committee is comprised of school board members, school board appointees, site council representatives, teachers from content areas under formal review, administration, and the community at large.

Name Role Building
Tim Bell Elementary Principal Five Hawks
Joe Kuboushek HS Assistant Principal PLHS
John Dahl MS Assistant Principal TOMS
Kevin Schuttinger Director of Teaching & Learning District Services Center
Jeff Holmberg Assistant Superintendent
Board Liason
District Services Center
Apryl Henry Parent  
Antony Stately Parent  
Maleigh Anderson Parent  
Sara Aker Elementary Teacher Redtail Ridge
Janean Mestnik Secondary Teacher PLHS
Mary Frantz School Board Representative