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Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening is a FREE developmental screening required for all preschool-age children by the State of Minnesota prior to entry in kindergarten and some early childhood programs. The optimum age to screen is 3 ½ but children can be screened between ages 3 and 5. Screening benefits both children and their families.

3 Reasons to Screen at Age 3

  1. Early screening can help set your child up for success in school.
  2. Any health or learning concerns can be identified early so intervention can be provided before the start of kindergarten.
  3. Because screening is FREE and provides a snapshot of your child's health and development

Screenings include:

  • vision, hearing, height and weight check
  • Overall development and social-emotional progress
  • Immunizations and health history

*Screening appointments do not include opinions about your child's readiness for kindergarten. Kindergarten entrance is based on state age criteria that the child must turn 5 on or before September 1 of that year.

Early Childhood developmental screening helps...

  • parents confirm their child is on track with development
  • connect you with early childhood programs and services
  • answer your parenting questions


Appointment Details

Appointments are for the parent and the child together and take approximately 45 minutes.

In-Person Appointments

For the health and safety of our staff, students and those being screened, we ask that you follow these safety guidelines: 

  • One adult is permitted to accompany the child into the building and will be asked to wait outside the room during the screening process.
  • Only one child will be permitted into the building for each appointment. 
  • Prior to screening, the adult and child will be asked to wash hands before entry to the screening room. 

* If you need forms mailed to you or would prefer to have your child screened virtually, please contact Deb Tribby at dtribby@priorlake-savage.k12.mn.us or (952) 226-0975.

* If you wish to have your child’s screening completed by his/her physician, the physician must complete the Early Childhood Screening Summary form.

After the screening, you will receive a copy of the summary sheet and the form will be sent to your child’s elementary school (within PLSAS) prior to their entry to kindergarten. If you live out of the district, or if you move out of the district, you may request to have your summary sheet sent to your child's school by contacting Deb Tribby: dtribby@priorlake-savage.k12.mn.us or (952) 226-0975.