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The Wave

The Wave is for students in sixth through eighth grade at Hidden Oaks and Twin Oaks Middle Schools. The Wave provides a positive, safe environment for students to socialize with peers, receive homework help, and explore new skills through participation in creative and physical activities that reflect their own interests each day.


Online at www.priorlakesavagece.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Wave located- what are the hours?

The Wave will be located at Hidden Oaks Middle School. We are open from 7AM-5PM, Mondays-Thursdays. We are closed on Fridays. The address is 15855 Fish Point Road SE, Prior Lake.

School Year
The Wave will be located at Hidden Oaks Middle School in Room 491. We are open from 2:06-5:30PM, Mondays-Fridays. The address is 15855 Fish Point Road SE, Prior Lake.

What does a typical day at the Wave look like?

School Year
Daily activities planned or the choice of quiet room for homework, art classes, gym and pool time, cooking club, video games and special events.

On Mondays, we are on site all day. We plan various activities such as: cooking class, art projects, swimming, walks to a nearby park, Bubble soccer, etc.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, we go on field trips. Fifteen minutes before our scheduled departure time, we will gather as a group to discuss the field trip. We will inform students of check-in times and locations. After our meeting, we will board the buses.

On the field trip, each student will be with a group of two or more friends of their choice, or they will be with a group that has a staff member, depending on parent/guardian requests. Students must stay with their group. Wandering off or ditching anyone in your group is not allowed and if caught doing so, said student will need to be with a staff member on future trips. See check-ins below for more info.

Once we arrive back on site, a snack will be provided. The Wave closes at 5:00PM. The building doors may also close at 5:00PM, and Wave staff does NOT remain on site after 5:00PM. Please plan accordingly. If you are late to pick up your student, fees may apply.

We have arcade style video games, ping-pong, pool table, foosball, air hockey, card games, board games, art supplies, crafts, a projector screen for movies, access to the gym, computer lab, and outside.

What meals/food is provided?

Breakfast snacks, milk and afternoon snacks are provided. Students must bring a bag lunch from home every day

School Year
Daily snacks provided.

When should I arrive at the Wave?

Your student may arrive anytime when we are onsite. However, please plan on being at the Wave at least 15 minutes before we are scheduled to leave on field trip days.
Please check the weekly email for exact times and call (952) 217-1261 if you are not receiving these emails.

School Year
Your student may arrive anytime after school. Please check the weekly email for schedule of activities and special events.


Check-in times are an important part of the added responsibility Wave students enjoy. Since students are not required to be with staff at all times, we use check-ins to make sure students are safe and accounted for. Before we leave and split off on the trip, staff will let students know what time and where they need to check-in. It is advised that students have a watch or phone to keep track of time. Students MUST be on time to check-in’s. Students who check-in late may need to be with a staff member for the remainder of the day and on future trips.

Additionally, students who do not need to be with staff members on the field trip must always be in a group of two or more. Groups must be approved by a staff member. Wandering off or ditching group members will not be tolerated. Consequences include being with a staff member during field trips, a phone call home, and in some cases, suspension from the program.

Spending Money

Spending money at the Wave is optional. Students who want to bring extra spending money may do so, but it is their responsibility to keep track of it. Neither the WAVE, nor ISD 719 Community Education, are responsible for money or personal items that are lost, stolen or inappropriately spent. 

What should I bring to the Wave?

The weekly email will list what items are needed each day. Please call (952) 217-1261 if not receiving these emails.

Students should bring a bag lunch every day. Students should plan on bringing a swimsuit and towel for all water trips, and additional spending money if desired.

What should I NOT bring to the Wave?

Students are responsible for any items they bring to the Wave. That said, students may want to leave valuable items at home (iPads, headphones, cell phones, etc.). Please note, staff sometimes use cell phones to find students during field trips in extenuating circumstances, although, cell phones are not required. We assume no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

When will I get my Valleyfair Pass?

Summer only
Students will receive their pass the first time they attend Valleyfair with the Wave. We will attend Valleyfair once a week for the first three weeks in hopes to give students ample opportunities to receive it . Students will need to know their address and phone number for the required season pass form in order to receive the pass. Passes will not be issued without a visit to Valleyfair with the Wave. Season passes are not guaranteed after 7/2/19. If your student already has a season pass, please have them bring it each Valleyfair day, and notify a Wave staff member.

Can my student sign in and out of the Wave independently?

Only students given parent permission via Eleyo may sign themselves in and out of the Wave.

What if my student participates in summer school, band, or swim lessons?

Summer only
We try our best to accommodate other activities with  departure times, but sometimes we are unable to due to field trip distance. If your student has a conflicting activity, you will have to decide as a family whether to come to the Wave or the activity that day.  WAVE staff do not remain onsite at HOMS during field trips. We apologize for any inconveniences.