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We have a self-funded health plan, PreferredOne Administrative Services.

If your assignment qualifies you for benefits, you will be able to enroll and be covered by our plans on your date of hire or date of eligibility. There is a deadline of 30 days from your hire or qualifying date to enroll. Please refer to your employee contract, or terms and conditions of employment regarding district contribution toward your health plan.

A summary of the three medical plans is available here.

The Network Provider Directory can be found at www.preferredone.com under "Find a Provider."


See your Contract or Terms and Conditions for employer paid benefits. Click on the name of the plan at the top to view the summary.

Triple Gold

Care Team (Triple Gold)

Cost per Month

Employee - Single


Employee Plus One




Double Gold

Open Access 200 (Double Gold)

Cost per month

Employee - Single


Employee Plus One




VEBA Open Access:

VEBA Open Access

District funds $1200 Single VEBA HRA; $2400 S+1, Family

Employee - Single


Employee Plus One




For Employees that are scheduled to work 30+ hours per week and do not have district paid health insurance in their Terms and Conditions of Employment, a High Deductible Health Plan is available. The premium is employee-paid by a payroll deduction. The deductible is $6,450. Here are the rates:

High Deductible Health Plan

Employee E/Month

Employee - Single


Employee Plus One