Our mission is to educate all learners to reach their full potential as contributing and productive members of our ever-changing global community.

Academic & Behavior Expectations

Teachers will have the discretion to at any time require a student to redo a formal assessment, quiz or homework assignment that was not reflective of a student's full capabilities.

Books & Supplies

Every student will come to class daily with all supplies. If a pattern of not being prepared is established, a student may be placed on an academic or behavior contract.

Red & Green Status

When a student earns a contract (staff or terminal), he or she is placed on a "red" status until the contract's expectations are met. There is always a date listed on the contract and students know up front when their red status will end. A red status means that they have lost all privileges.

Every student that enters the program has the opportunity to earn a "green" status. The kids keep track by using their accountability board. A green status means they can earn privileges.


All homework/class work is turned in on the deadline date. If homework/class work is not turned in on deadline, the student will be placed on a staff academic contract and the missing work will be added to their to-do list.

ATLAS uses a contract system to track students’ missing and incomplete assignments. If a student has a missing or incomplete assignment that requires a redo, they receive a contract and are on ‘red’ status, which results in a loss of privileges for the week. The student has until Friday to complete the assignment. If the assignment is not completed by the end of the day Friday, the student is moved to a terminal contract.


Every student is required to have a planner. Students need to learn how to become organized in order to stay successful with their class load, a planner is a very important organization component.


It is important to note that any behaviors that bring harm to self or others will not be tolerated in the ATLAS program and will be sent directly to the office for possible program removal.

Every student is held to a standard of behaviors that follows the "golden rule" and as such is expected to help keep the atmosphere of ATLAS safe and supportive.