Our mission is to educate all learners to reach their full potential as contributing and productive members of our ever-changing global community.

What Makes a Good ATLAS Student?

A “typical” ATLAS student may have one or more of the following barriers that stand between them and academic success:

  • Organizational struggles
  • A pattern of negative schooling experiences that has caused our students to not believe in their own abilities
  • A pattern of negative teacher/ student interactions that has caused our students to shut down in the larger classroom setting
  • A lack of comfort around peers to ask questions in class and/or ask for help as needed
  • Barriers within their home (Ex: unstructured homework time, sibling demands, Parental struggles etc.)
  • Poor personal choices that have stood in the way of academic success
  • Emotional barriers (Ex: depression, anxiety, school phobia, etc.)
  • Learning style is more hands on (experiential) vs. lecture style

We do not believe that any student is just “lazy.” We have never met a ATLAS student that did not want to succeed in school; each simply needed a structured setting to rediscover their abilities!

ATLAS students have the following strengths:

  • Desire to get along with their fellow ATLAS peers; to build relationships
  • Desire to participate in creative ways of learning
  • Ability to foster relationships with their ATLAS teachers
  • Working collaboratively with their peers and teachers
  • Ready to become more accountable for their work and learning
  • Comfortable working and learning in a smaller space with a smaller population of student
  • Courageous! Doing what they know is best for their learning, even if they encounter certain challenges