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Plato Course List


3D Modeling
Art History & Appreciation
Art in World Cultures
Digital Photography: Intro
Digital Photography: Creating Images with Impact
Digital Photography: Discovering Your Potential
Fashion Design
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening

Professional Photography


Accelerate to Alg 1
Accelerate to Alg 2
Accelerate to Geom
Advanced Calc
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Consumer Math
Financial Mathmatics
Integrated Math 1
Integrated Math 2
Integrated Math 3
Personal Finance
Personal and Family Finance
Probability and Stats


Academic Success
Audio Visual Production 1
Audio Visual Production 2
Audio Visual Production 3
Advanced Computer Sci
Advertising and Sales Promotion
Business Information Management
Careers In Criminal Justice Intro
Careers In Criminal Justice: Finding Your Specialty
Coding: Intro to Programming
Child Devlopment and Parenting
Coding: Programming
Comp TIA A+ 220-1001
Comp TIA A+ 220-1002
Comp TIA A+ Network+Certification N10-007
Computing for College and Careers
Cosmotology: Cutting Edge Styles
Cosmotology: Business & Skin Care
Cosmotology: Intro To Hair
Cosmotology: Waving, Coloring and Advancing Hair Skills
Culinary Arts: Intro
Culinary Arts: Finding Your Palate
Culinary Arts: Baking, Patry and More
Cybersecurity: Intro
Cybersecurity: Foundations
Cybersecurity: Defense Against Threats
Digital Interactive Media
Drafting and Design
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education: Developing Early Learners
Essential Career Skills
Food Handler and Manager
Game Development
Hospitality & Tourism: Traveling the Globe
Hospitality & Tourism: Hotel & Resteraunt Management A
Hospitality & Tourism: Hotel & Resteraunt Management B
Human and Social Services
International Business

International Business: Global Commerce in the 21st Century

Intro to Andriod Mobile App Development
Intro to Criminology
Intro to iOS Mobile App Development
Intro to Finance
Intro to Social Media
Law and Order: Intro to Legal Studies
Learning In a Digital World: Strategies for Success
Life Skills: Navigating Adulthood
Manufacturing: Product Design and Innovation
Marketing, Advertising and Sales
Networking Fundementals
National Security
Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Principles of Archetecture and Construction
Principles of Arts, A/V Tech and Communications
Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance
Principles of Education and Training
Principles of Engeneering and Tech
Principles of Government and Public Administration
Principles of Health Science
Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
Principles of Human Services
Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
Principles of Information Technology
Principles of Manufacturing
Principles of Manufacturing, Distributuion and Logistics
Principles of Public Service: To Serve and Protect
Social Issues
Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Real World Parenting
Restaurant Management
Web Technologies
Woman's Studies: A Personal Journey Through Film
American Sign Language 1
American Sign Language 2
American Sign Language 3
French 1
French 2
German 1
German 2
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
ACT Reading
ACT Math
ACT English
ACT Science Reasoning
Accuplacer Reading
Accuplacer Math
Accuplacer Writing


Accelerate to English 9-12
Advanced Eng Lit & Comp
Business English
Creative Writing

Creative Writing: Unleashing Imagination

Electronic Communication Skills
English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12
Gothic Lit: Monster Stories
Journalism 1: Intro
Journalism 2: Investigating the Truth
Lit and Comp
Mythology & Folklore: Legendary Tales
Professional Communication
Public Speaking Intro
Public Speaking: Finding Your Voice
Structure of Writing
Reading and Writing for Purpose


Advanced Bio
Advanced Chem
Agriscience: Sustaining Human Life
Applied Medical Terminology
Astronomy: Intro
Astronomy: Explore the Universe
Biology with Virtual Labs
BioTech A
BioTech B
Certified Nurse Aide
Concepts of Energy & Tech
Earth and Space Science
Forensic Science: Secrets of the Dead
Forensic Science: More Secrets of the Dead
Forensic Science: Science of Crime
Forestry of Natural Resources
Foundations of Green Energy

Great Minds in Science: Ideas for New Generations

Integrated Phys & Chem 1
Integrated Phys & Chem 2
Marine Science: Secrets of the Blue
Physical Science
Renewable Technologies
Veterinary Science: Care of Animals
World Religions: Exploring Diversity


Health: Life Management Skills
Health Science 1
Health Science 2
Health Science: The Whole Individual
Health Science: Patient Care & Medical Science
Health Science: Nursing
Health Science: Public Health
Nutrition and Wellness
Personal Fitness
Phy Ed
Advanced US History
African American History

Anthropology: Uncovering Human Mysteries 1

Anthropology: Uncovering Human Mysteries 2

Contemporary World
Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind
History of the Holocaust
Human Geography: Our Global Identity
Minnesota CItizenship and Government
National Security
Peer Counseling
Personal Psych: Road to Self Discovery
Personal Psych: Living in a Complex World
Philosophy: The Big Picture
US Goverment
US History
World Geography
World History Survey
World History