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Summer School and Summer Independent Study 20-21

Summer School and Summer Independent Study are now open for registration!  

 Students/parents can register by clicking on the link below. 

Register here!

Parents will receive an email from your student(s) School Counselor that will detail credit recovery requirements. Please use this information to ensure correct classes/credits are selected for registration. 

If your student is currently enrolled in other credit recovery (Independent Study during the school year) your student can still register for summer programs. 

Please note that all classes of summer school and all independent study classes will be delivered through our digital curriculum - Plato/Edmentum.  Please reference the summer school quick reference guide and/or the summer independent study quick reference guide (bottom two pages) for detailed information on both summer options.   

If you have further questions about summer programs please contact me.  Separate information will be sent regarding health and safety protocols.

Summer School

Summer school will begin Monday, June 21st  and end Friday, July 16th.  There will be three class sessions available each being two hours.  The first session will start at 730am.  The second starts at 940am.  The third will start at 1150am.   Classes will be held in-person at Bridges ALC, Monday - Friday.

Students will be able to make up one quarter class each class session during summer school. One quarter class is equivalent to 0.75 credits. Students needing to make up a quarter class (.75 credits) should register for one session, students needing 1.5 credits (a semester or two quarter classes) should register for two class sessions and students needing 2.25 credits should register for all three class sessions.  1 summer school session = 1 quarter class = 0.75 credits.  

The Summer School Handbook and Summer Continual Learning Plan are two required forms needed prior to the start of summer school.


Summer Independent Study (IS)

Summer independent study will begin Monday, June 28th and end Friday, August 20th.  One summer independent study class = 1 quarter class = 0.75 credits. Summer IS offers more flexibility if needed and is open longer during the Summer.  Students can choose when to attend but must complete a minimum of 10 hours with a teacher at Bridges or via Google Link.   If you have questions about the summer programs see the quick reference guide or please contact me.

A Summer Ind. Study Continual Learning Plan is a required form prior to the start of Summer Independent Study.  

Required Forms

Please be sure to complete the required forms prior to the start of summer school and/or summer independent study.  Classes may not be activated without the required forms turned in to Bridges ALC.