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Homework Help


Afternoon Success Program
2:15-3:30 p.m., Tuesday and/or Thursday

Contact Jason Dvorak if interested in this program:
Jason Dvorak
(952) 226-0721


To promote a positive learning environment and to assist students who need extra help to perform at their absolute best by providing the following:

  • Extra homework help
  • Organization & locker clean out
  • Check grades on Skyward
  • Make up missing assignment(s)
  • Assignment notebook check&
  • Study skills


The program is designed for regular and consistent attendance. Students are expected to be on time and remain with the supervising staff for the full session. Assistance on an as-needed basis can be arranged directly with classroom teachers. If your child truly does not have homework assignments to complete, time will be spent on organizational and study skills. If your student is not going to be in attendance, please notify us.


This program is not designed to replace homework time at home. It is important for students to have structured time for school work at home daily. For questions or additional information, please contact student services staff at (952) 226-0702.


It is important that we work together with parents to assist students with academic progress. Information will be provided to you regarding your child's attendance, promptness, goals, progress, etc. We may also use the assignment notebook as a tool to communicate with parents.