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Staff Directory

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Ann Deane

MNCAPS Secretary

Gail Dehmlow

Custodian, District Printing Processor

Jared Jacobs

MNCAPS Instructor— Business

Scot Jaenicke

MNCAPS Instructor— Healthcare

Karina Janovsky Nelsen

MNCAPS Instructor, English Teacher

Aura Sanchez


Silvestre Sanchez


Britney Scherber

MNCAPS Instructor, Health & Physical Education Teacher

Brian Schleisman

MNCAPS Instructor, Special Education Teacher

Erik Sill

MNCAPS Coordinator

Jemma Wahl

MNCAPS Instructor, Math Teacher

Pauline Wolf

MNCAPS Instructor, Social Studies Teacher
1 2 > showing 1 - 12 of 13 constituents